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    Id   Title   Year   Genre   Author   Publisher   ISBN   Copies available   Picture  
    619841984FictionGeorge OrwellPenguin Books97804515249358 
    28Heart of Darkness FictionJoseph ConradBlackwood's Magazine97801401865296 
    29The Count of Monte Cristo FictionAlexandre DumasLe Journal des D├ębats97801404492669 
    31Walden FictionHenry David ThoreauTicknor and Fields97801403904457 
    32Alice's Adventures
    in Wonderland
     FictionLewis CarrollMacmillan97807636456876 
    7Pride and Prejudice1813FictionJane AustenPenguin Classics978014143951812 
    4Divina Commedia1472PoetryDante AlighieriOxford University Press47862874628376472389
    8The Great Gatsby1925FictionF. Scott FitzgeraldScribner97807432735656 
    9Moby-Dick1851FictionHerman MelvilleWordsworth Editions97818532600879 
    10War and Peace1869FictionLeo TolstoyVintage Classics978140007998811 
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